Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Small Space Birdhouse: The Roost


I like birds. I mean to say I like most birds. I’m not down with Alfred Hitchcock’s birds or my annoying neighbor that feeds every pigeon in the city, but for the most part birds are fine in my book.

When I was a child, my grandfather had a Purple Martin birdhouse. Each year when the birdhouse went back up, I thought the birds that returned were the same birds. I actually thought their name, as in family, name was the Martins.

Well, in the cit where I live now, there is no room for a Martin birdhouse and I doubt the martins would like my neighborhood. I think they were more country birds. There are a great many birds in the city and a small birdhouse is an easy way to help provide a safe nesting area.

The Roost by Hepper is a perfect city birdhouse. Its sleek aluminum design makes it stand out from ordinary birdhouses. The roost is durable, non heat-conductive and stylish. There are several vibrant colors and anodized aluminum is extremely durable. These small birdhouses are well thought out with vents and drains to make your tenants comfortable.

Birdhouses are a nice addition to any outdoor area and you could make friends with a bird family for life.