Thursday, July 31, 2008

Small Space Mobile Phone Charger Solution: Driinn

the-phone-holder 350

First off, let me say that yes I’ve been away for a bit this summer, but I promise there will be loads of new and exciting Small Space Living stuff soon.

Now, how many of you charge you mobile phones in silly places. I charge mine on the floor — really the floor. My wife is charging her phone in the pantry as I write this. There really should be a simple, no-nonsense solution to this problem. Well here it is — the Driinn. At under six bucks, it may be the cheapest and most reasonable idea so far. I have covered charging stations in the past that come with heavy price tags, but this little piece of plastic wraps this problem up nicely.

The Driinn simply hangs between the wall socket and the charging adapter with a space to wrap the cord and a sloped shelf to support the phone. There is real science in this little gadget — the simplest answer is often the correct answer.