Sunday, August 17, 2008

Small Space Utility: Swiss Army Key Hack


I love Instructables! I have written before about the wide array of fascinating hacks, projects and how-tos.

I particularly enjoy this hack because I have too many keys — way too many. I also like pocket tools, so it’s a match made in heaven… or at least my pocket.

The basic gist of this hack is to take your Leatherman Micra, or cheap knock-off, and swap some of the tools for your keys. This idea just plain kicks butt. It’s the best of everything — less key bulk and more refined tool selection. Smaller is better and you carry only what you need!

There is some cutting and drilling involved, but the end result is quite cool and very functional.


ThoughtCriminal said...

One drawback that I see is that all the keys look the same. I suppose you would get used to "Middle key is van", but I would suggest when getting the keys duplicated for this project have them use different colors.

Anupam said...

Thats a very interesting post. I have been inspired. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

The keys do not all look the same.