Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Small Space Satellite Dish: Squish


I don’t watch much TV; in fact I have not had cable for my entire adult life. I guess I’m sometimes left out of the “did you see X on Y show last night?” conversations but I somehow manage to soldier on.

One think that I really despise about the boob tube are those darn satellite dishes. In a historic neighborhood like mine I can think of nothing more ridiculous than “The Dish” hanging allover historic buildings. I have long thought there has to be some stealth version of these things.

Well its here The Squish is a slick alternative to the standard ugly dish. It’s a slick little satellite dish disguised with a custom sticker to blend in with your structure. It is one of those things that has me saying once again, could no one really think of this sooner? It is a great way lessening the visual impact of urban dish gardens everywhere.

Via Crib Candy.


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