Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Small Space Milk: Not Just For Squares


I remember a few years back reading about how the Japanese grow watermelons inside acrylic cubes in order to produce square watermelons. These square watermelons then fit nicely into fridge compartments. This new square case-less milk container reminds me of that.

Apparently Sam’s Club is stocking these new milk containers that more efficiently use space both in your fridge and in the truck on the way to the store. It is really an innovative idea. It seems to me that the milk crate really should be extinct by now — they are a tremendous waste of plastic. I don’t know how they have survived the endless poaching by college students in search of cheep bookshelves, but they have.

The new container design will translate to a savings of 10 to 20 cents vs. the old school jug. The savings are a result of being able to fit 384 more gallons into a standard truckload. With gasoline prices soaring, the cost of transporting goods has a significant impact on a products bottom-line price.

I love innovation the saves space, money and the environment — cheers Sam’s Club.


Anonymous said...

You U.S.-Americans never heard of "Tetrapak"?

Patrick Truby said...

Costco and some other grocery stores stocked square milk jugs in various locations a few years ago. They stopped when people complained of the poor spout location and tendency to spill.

I personally still wish we had milkmen. With funny hats.

Jennifer said...

I heard about this on the news last night but thought they meant cardboard cartons -- thanks for the clarifying photo. I'm with Patrick of the green dino avatar: we had a milkman when I was a kid and it's a great idea -- although I'm not old enough for the even-better idea of a milkman with returnable bottles!

AB1 Computers said...
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jen x said...

Knock-knock. Anyone home?

I miss reading your posts -- hope you're back soon :-)

Lakelandmom said...

Thanks, this is good to know! : )