Thursday, January 15, 2009

Small Space Desk: Swiss Army Desk


Lately I’ve been on a binge for any useful object that “closes up”. It’s nice to have the ability to uncluttered your space by shutting the doors on it, like the Kitchen Armoire below.

I’ve had my eye on these portable desks for some time now. There is something inherently masculine about utilitarian military objects. The Swiss Army Desk is no exception.

The desk is a small footlocker-sized box that opens to reveal a writing surface and some shelving. They are perfect size for students, and you can toss it in the car and take it home with you on the weekends. There is plenty room for books, a laptop and much more. Did I mention they are painted olive drab green for that oh so GI Joe look?

The one pictured here is for sale on ebay. I also found two more photos on flicker. They are perfect small space desks, which can be easily closed when not in use. The only things that are missing are a fold out bottle opener and some tweezers.