Sunday, August 17, 2008

Small Space Book Chair by Annika Schmidt

book chair 350

As you are all aware, I love multi-function furniture. Although this piece is just for sitting, it can be used in several different ways making it multi-functional in my book.

I stumbled across this chair one night while looking at some other pieces by Annika Schmidt. I am entirely enamored with it — the colors, the textures, the whole presentation. I also enjoy lounging about on the floor with a pillow, and this chair looks like just my sort of seat.

chair in use 350

The chair is made of various fabrics/materials including batting, felt and I think bent plywood. I love the idea of just flipping trough it to find the perfect height for you. Flat or against a wall, the possibilities are endless.


KMP Furniture said...

Wow !! it's so nice !! I will present it to my little Brother

Sarah said...

I love this chair!!!!!! It would be great for my two kids, they could each take a side of the book :)